poster for the dance performance ‘Inanimate Collateral Loop‘, 2011

The performance attempted an experimental, interactive study on the ‘battle’ between the perspective of a natural function and the perception of an imaginary condition. Between memory and its loss, an ever changing narrative is being created: A continuous play of physical and emotional challenges, an aspect of reality that is abstract, but, which is nonetheless real. Virtual and reality merge, creating the illusion of a space that extends beyond the natural boundaries of a stage.

Concept/Direction: Angelica Georghiades, Anna Fotiadou, Tonia Mishiali
Choreography: Angelica Georghiades
Performance: Mélissa Garcia Carro, Panos Makris
Video Art: Anna Fotiadou, Tonia Mishiali
Sound Composition: Christopher Malapitan
Lighting: Alexis Lanitis
(text and movement were created in collaboration with the performers)
Duration: 20min
Performed live at Pantheon gallery, Nicosia-Cyprus, July 1st 2011

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