do it yourself

‘Do it yourself’ is an interactive dance and video performance.

It attempts a movement and visual discourse on the absence of existence,
representing a process of exiting ones self and reappearing.
It deals with non-existence as a mirror image of the self in a venture of self-annulment and return.
It is a work where reality and representation co-exist while the digital body interacts with the live performer
not only as its near reflection but also as its alter-ego.

concept / direction: Marios Kyriakou, Athena Piki, Anna Fotiadou
choreography / performance: Athena Piki
video art: Anna Fotiadou
music composition: Christopher Malapitan
costume: Froso Mavrou
duration of performance: 20min
still photographer: Melissa Hekkers

performed live at the 1st Dance, Movement and Performance Festival
cyprus, 2009