inanimate collateral loop, part II

‘Inanimate collateral loop, part II’ is an interactive dance and video performance.

The performance attempts an experimental study on the ‘battle’ between the perspective of a natural function and the perception of an imaginary condition. It functions as a surveillance camera, recording the characters’ behavior, activities, or other alternate information. Between memory and its loss, an ever changing narrative is being created:
A continuous play of physical and emotional challenges, an aspect of reality that is abstract, but, which is nonetheless real.

concept / direction: Angelica Georghiades, Anna Fotiadou, Tonia Mishiali
choreography: Angelica Georghiades
performance: Mélissa Garcia Carro
performance collaborator: Panos Makris
video art: Anna Fotiadou, Tonia Mishiali
music composition: Christopher Malapitan
lighting: Panayiotis Manousos
duration of performance: 20min
still photographer: Christos Avraamides

performed live at Pallas Theatre,
as part of the 3rd Dance, Movement and Performance Festival
cyprus, 2011