There are no unpredicted changes


The video installation There are no unpredicted changes reflects, in an allegorical way, the dimension of the existential need for a continuous search for security and survival and in consequent, the personal and social pursuit for ‘home’. The power of this timeless need, goes beyond any traditional pattern, introducing new norms, which are unconventionally defined by their fluidity. However, the concept of a ‘home’ as a traditional social value is shaken by personal or collective, local or global turmoils and is being revised, especially in the face of drastic and new changes. The location, type and size of a home acquire a lesser importance than before: Since there are no unexpected changes in our lives, there are no permanent homes.

By contrasting immobility and movement, physical and digital space, the video installation, simultaneously creates and eliminates the notions that reflect one’s existence, perception of home and the experience of space. It explores the links between animated and static images and their placement in temporary and inconsistent/fluid spaces and was created during an art residency at OT301 Amsterdam in 2016.